Fourth of July, 2019

We had the privilege of distributing 400 truth filled books to the City of Wellington at their annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 20th. 

"The sowing always precedes the reaping."

Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Austim Speaks Walk

Earth and Arbor Day 2019

Kids Summer Camp Expo 2019

On March 1st, Wellington SDA walked to raise awareness for autism. Per the CDC autism affects approximately 1 in 59 children and boys are four times more likely to be affected than girls. 

During this years celebrations at Village Park, we distributed over 600 books, including, "The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge" the powerful testimony of Desmond Doss, by Amazing Facts and America Land of Liberty. 

“The reaping will testify as to what the sowing has been.”

On April 27th, The City of Wellington celebrated EARTH and ARBOR DAY and we had an opportunity to distribute over 75 MINISTRY of HEALING books and 180 brochures, promoting the benefits of blackstrap molasses (see brochure below) and healthy recipes at our booth.

To view the brochure on the "Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses" click 

“If the world will not come to us, then we must go to the world.”

On May 18th, we were invited to attend the Kids Summer Camp Expo 2019, by Banzai Wellness Magazine. We focused on the benefits of coconut water as a natural electrolyte and distributed over 100 bottles of coconut water, wristbands and stickers for the kids and Vibrant Health Magazine. 

To view the brochure on "Crazy for Coconuts" click 

"While some focus on the art of evangelism, they neglect the HEART of evangelism."